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VIDEOMASTER-a complete self contained ALL-IN-ONE video deposition system that follows all equipment guidelines of the NCRA associations. 1-(877)-368-1916

LOSING FOCUS OF YOUR BOTTOM LINE? Fail to collect the money you're owed, and you'll fast forward to the end of your business. ADAMS, COOPER & MARKS works on a contingency basis and specializes in cash and Asset recovery. Call Allan Weiner 800-932-3328

THE VIDEO PRECEDENT - is a full service legal videography company. We specialize in presenting you with impressive, professional legal videos that can help you win your case. From Depositions to Day in the Life Videos, we use state of the art equipment and video professionals to bring to life your presentation, where ever it may be. We pride ourselves in our ability to be reliable and time efficient. Additionally, we understand the importance of getting it right the first time due to deadlines and special situations. Every situation is special to us.

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